The Elgin Valley

The Elgin Valley is reached after a scenic fifty minute drive from Cape Town along the N2

The Elgin Valley is the biggest producer of apples in South Africa. More recently wine grapes have been planted extensively within this beautiful valley. The wines of Elgin are arguably some of the best produced in South Africa and we are not shy to say they stand up to many international icons.

So what exactly do you experience when you taste an Elgin Wine?

Elgin wines are characterised by an explosion of flavours: beautiful pure fruit flavours supported by an underlying minerality. The white wines often reveal a touch of fynbos whilst a spicy finish to our reds is a common trait.
The Wines of Elgin are by definition an expression of their terroir. They have a sense of place. So what exactly is it that makes the Elgin wines so special?

The Elgin Valley situated 70 km east of Cape Town, is an inland plateau, naturally defined by the surrounding mountains. At elevations ranging from 260-600 meters above sea level, we enjoy cool temperatures. We are rated as Region 2 on the Winkler Scale which makes us one of the coolest wine producing areas in South Africa.

The prevailing summer south-east wind drapes its clouds over our surrounding mountains. The summer cloud cover protects our grapes from sunburn and reduces the temperature. The direct result of these lower temperatures is that our grapes take longer to ripen. The longer “hang time” on the vine means that all the phenolic elements have time to ripen simultaneously along with sugar ripeness.

One of the  biggest plus factors is a scientific phenomenon known as diurnal temperature fluctuation.  There is a significant difference between day time and night time temperatures. Temperatures invariably drop to below 15°C at night. Our vines “wake up” refreshed, and enthusiastically reveal their flavours.

The  rainfall is abundant with some summer showers not being uncommon. So no water stress. Aided by some of the most ancient soils known to mankind and nurtured by farmers with a passion for producing premium quality grapes with personality, the fruits mature to a point of optimum ripeness, are harvested with care and turned over to our winemakers to work their magic.

This perhaps  explains why Elgin’s internationally awarded wines burst with fruit, purity, poise and complexity.

Besides tasting good wines the Elgin is the spot for hiking, riding your mountain biking or horse and discovering the rough mountainside by 4 x 4.

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